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Jame’s And Renee’s Blind Embossed Wedding Invitation

Jame’s and Renee’s Blind Embossed Wedding invitation

The brief

It’s not very often we get a client brave enough to go with a blind emboss! A blind emboss is like a regular emboss in which a plate is made and this plate is pressed into the paper during the printing process. However in the case of a blind emboss, no ink is applied to the plate and the only effect in a dented but otherwise unprinted piece of paper.

James and Renee came up with the idea of featuring an “&” as the unifying graphic on their wedding stationery. I produced a slip envelope to house their wedding invitation which was embossed on both sides. On one side was a large “&” with their names in lower case as picture above and on the other side was a small “&” with their names printed beneath.

The result was an invite that was elegant and sophisticated and very upmarket – just the result they were hoping for.

The invites themselves featured a small “&” which could be seen in through the die cut.

The wedding invitations only used one font – the very simple, but up market Gill Sans (again, their idea). When you pulled free the invitation, there was a small calendar and the wedding details printed in black and white on a 350gsm white card. no colour was used but the result was amazing. they were dream clients with impeccable taste.

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