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Kate & Colin’s Airline Ticket Wedding Invitation

Kate & Colin’s Airline Ticket Wedding Invitation

The brief

Kate and Colin love travel and were off to Fiji to get married… Yeah we know, lucky for some right? To set the scene they asked to have their invite look like an airline ticket boarding pass – the kind you used to get before they introduced e-tickets.

The design

Kate provided me with a picture of a wedding invitation they has seen, so I had an easy job making theirs look similar. (I would love to credit the original designer if anyone knows who it is). The NZ map reflects that they are both Kiwis and the countries that they have visited together runs as small text to form the airline ticket background.

While the front of the ticket/boarding pass is all business, the reverse side has some practical details. There is also a tear-off stub which serves as an RSVP chit. This invite could easily be adapted for any country and in any colours – so if you are getting married in some far flung location – this invite may be just what you are after.

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