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Katrin & Simon’s Greek Laser-cut Wedding Invite

Katrin & Simon’s Greek laser-cut wedding invite

The brief

Lucky Katrin and Simon. They were getting married in Greece and wanted an invitation that had a hint of Greek about it but didn’t feature traditional Greek patterns. they also wanted it in different languages.

The design

It was decided to restrict the colours to blue, grey and white to reinforce the Greek thing and after much trial and error – we settled on a complex lasercut concertina-fold invite that when folded showed a couple standing in front of a Greek orthodox church with a large mountain and tree behind the church. When opened, the invitation formed a panorama of a Greek wedding scene. It was a fairly complex design to get all the little elements to work together. it was a matter of using both the positive space (like the printed image of the church) and negative space (the flowers which are cut away) and then it had to be produced in two versions – a Greek one and an English one.

Because this was lasercut, it was relatively expensive as the price is calculated on how long it takes the machine to cut each invite. The first stage was to print one side of the invite in blue ink and the other side the text. The second stage involved the laser cutting. The third stage was the laser cutting itself and the final step in production was wedding out all the little bits of paper.

The slight brown marks you see are the burns created by the laser and are unavoidable.



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